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Financial Services

Even though we started a little later with it, similar to IT, our Finance Teams cover an impressive number of accounting-, banking-, and netting-services.


While our Accounts Payable experts cover ICR invoice processing, dunning, account-clearing, and statement reconciliation, the list of duties and thus the job-variety increases constantly. Therefore, the pitfalls specific to many SSCs, namely a reduced motivation emerging from repetitive tasks is a hardly known notion in or AP Team.

The team of Accounts Receivable experts tackles many complex cases in the collections- and the banking-area. Complexity though is not the only dimension showing the importance of this work, but also the financial impact of the cases processed by the team show the trust the Headquarters has put into this unit.

Last but not least, by placing the European Netting Hub to Budapest, Hellmann provided evidence of how well the SSC in Budapest is integrated in the global F.A.M.I.L.Y. network.